ScanChain PLUS Chains

Conveyor chains live a hard life. They are found everywhere in the industry and in almost every kind of environment. Warm, cold, corrosive and wet. It puts great demands on the chain’s durability, stretchability and overall assembly quality.

Particularly, conveyor chains in smaller sizes are heavily loaded. The safety margins are narrow and the designer often chooses a chain that fits exactly, rather than oversizing. It is about both finance and dimensioning. Over dimensioning we see more often on larger chain types, since the load span is also correspondingly larger.

At ScanChain we always try to refine what is already working, and it is with great pleasure that we can present our new product line PLUS.

PLUS conveyor chains are refined in every detail. PLUS conveyor chains have longer lifespan, higher tensile strength and less elongation, measured over the chain’s load and lifetime. To achieve these results, special materials and hardening methods for stick and bush are used, as well as the stick made soft before riveting. This, among other things, reduces the risk of breaking the stick when riveted.

The pin is round rivet, which ensures a complete and uniform attachment to the side plate. The special hardening process of both stick and bushing results in a higher cure depth and softer core hardness. This results in a higher wear resistance on the pin and bush and a more flexible stick that, contrary to other types, does not break so easily due to brittleness.

Both pin and bushing have anti-rotating surfaces, which ensure that neither the pin nor the bush can rotate in the side plate. The fit between the pin and the bushing in the side plate is also improved by a press fit.

When the side plate is cut, it can bend a little bit. To ensure 100% parallelism in the side plates, they are cut from tempered steel then flatten before mounting of the pin and the bush.

PLUS Conveyor Chains are available in DIN8165 (FV) and DIN8167 (M), and will primarily be offered in chain sizes on the lower scale. Eg. FV63 – FV140 & M80 – M160 and the like

If you would like more information about PLUS chains from ScanChain, you are very welcome to contact us.

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