Press Release


Dear customers and partners.

With effect from 1st of September 2017 ScanChain has been taken over by the company’s Sales Director Mr. Kåre Söderberg. Kåre Söderberg co-founded ScanChain in 2009.

ScanChain will continue to focus on Conveyor chains and Sprockets, but we will also introduce new initiatives that makes us an even better supplier and partner for our customers across industries and products. The market for industrial chains and transmission components is developing rapidly, and for a while we have heard from several customers wishing to collect purchases of related products with us.

In ScanChain’s new setup, we want to tie ourselves closer to the customers supply chain and enter in to an even closer cooperation. We are looking forward to travel around the country and tell you about our ideas and visions for the future. A future that offers a new partnership with John King Chains from England.

John King Chains is a historical supplier of Conveyor chains and Sprockets dating back to 1926. With its complete production set-up and departments around the world, John King Chains can provide ScanChain with the support required when our customers need support beyond ScanChain’s own markets. With the new partnership, the product range is also expanded significantly for both John King Chains and ScanChain.

As a result, ScanChain moves the administration address. Our new address is:

Administration (New):

Hjortevaenget 6
DK-4130 Viby Sjælland

Stock (New):

ScanChain Poland
ul. Puchacza 5 – Bielawy
PL 89-100 Nakło nad Notecią